From the moment she was born, Alessandra was a true ham. Her precociousness was not only tolerated by her patient parents, but wholly encouraged. Much to the chagrin of her younger sibling, Alessandra grew up acting on every last one of her creative impulses, no matter how grand or embarrassing . This freedom resulted in some unbelievably cringe worthy home videos (to the delight of her younger sibling), and a backlog of experiences in theatre, comedy, music, and dance.  After learning a little self restraint, Alessandra chose to hone in on her writing skillz with a B.A in Creative Writing from Concordia University, followed by a post-graduate diploma in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College. Today, she writes about old couches, sexy dreams, dysfunctional families, modern relationships and whatever else happens to cross her path on a given day.

Though Alessandra tries not to write the same – or almost the same – thing twice, she is interested in any and all stories, whether they are fledgling or fully formed, and will happily gab about new ideas over caesars any time (or, more likely any time after 11 a.m.) To date, she’s collaborated with film makers and theatre-makers in Montreal, Toronto, Peterborough, and even Paris, and has had her films selected for festivals all over the world, including Australia, Los Angeles, Florida, Rhode Island, and France.

You’ll find some of her recent work (including some finished films!) under the screenwriting tab.

She also writes about books and bookish things on her blog the Book Stylist.